Why Fresh Food Beats Frozen Every Time

Have you ever gone to a nice restaurant and had a lovely meal, but when you get to the dessert insteadof the lovingly-prepared chocolate gateau made from fresh ingredients you were hoping for, you are instead greeted by a frozen dessert you know you could have just bought yourself and stuck on a plate?How did that reflect on the restaurant? Did you feel like going back? A freshly made product that one can’t find .

The Importance of Locally Sourced Products

Our Local Ingredients Sourcing our ingredients locally allows us to know exactly what is going into our products and ultimately into our bodies. Take our famous Posh Foods Chorizo Sausage Roll for example – the meat is sourced from a family-owned local butcher which is now in its third generation. We care about quality of ingredient, and our suppliers all do too. This is not something we can be sure of with products from .

The Story of Posh Foods

It was a poor quality pate that got the founders of Posh Foods Simon and June Budgen putting their heads together and discussing how they could do so much better, and how they should offer high quality food cooked to perfection. It has been this ethos that has driven Posh Foods over its 30+ years of service – that quality is the most important factor in a food product’s success. June Budgen had always .

Tips from our Café Partners on Posh Foods

Delivering daily to cafés and delis across Sydney and Canberra allows us to talk to a wide range of café owners, and we thank them for offering us some of their tips on how to get the best out of the Posh Foods range of products. Your display is everything, put Posh Foods products on display front and centre and the rest of your product range will instantly look more refined and appetising. Sell .

Solving the Café Menu Dilemma with Posh Foods

Cafés offer their own unique set of challenges that cause them to struggle in an increasingly competitive environment. Space usually comes at a premium in a well-situated café, and a large kitchen is rarely an option. This is one reason that pushes cafés into buying low quality frozen products from supermarkets or similar suppliers – most simply don’t have the room to make their own products on the premises. Our partners in cafes across .